2019 Fashion Trends That Truly Work For Every Body


Sure, there are women who breeze through the racks with ease, plucking through spaghetti-strap tops and bias-cut dresses that look good on them without any tailoring at all. You’ve probably been in a dressing room with one of these women in your life, and you’ve probably felt that unmistakable pang of jealousy. But these women — there are very few of them. I admire the runways, but I doubt I can pull off a lot of the new trends I’m seeing bubble up on the street.

You won’t always feel confident in every silhouette you try — it’s even less likely that you’ll be into the looks you see making their way into stores. So which modern pieces are ladies wearing right now that feel classic? Which are tasteful? Which come in your size and your favorite color or print? We weeded through all the current styles and found 13 answers you’re going to love. Scroll through to admire them on all different body types, then shop them for yourself.

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