BBNaija Comic, Episode 2: by Onyeka Peter


It’s back again! Just as promised. The BBNaija comic, Pepper dem elimination zone.

In this episode, Scar Comic compay took a different and more interesting approach in concept. That of troy, 300 and game of thrones and it’s likes.

The bbnaija soldiers enter the warrior like mode and battle with the dead for their survival. Seyi didn’t expect it. Mike seems to be very prepared. The dead reveal themselves and they fight. Mercy Lambo. Disappears only to return with fire. Seyi somehow stays alive with his trickery. Having a dance with the dead till it all ends.

Unfortunately, Gedoni and Jackye fall in battle. Khafi recieves the news and is devastated. More will continue next week Tuesday.

Read BBNaija Episode 1

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Created by Onyeka Peter

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