Can't Wait For The Bachelorette? There Are Already TONS of Behind-the-Scenes Pictures


The wait between The Bachelor‘s finale and The Bachelorette‘s premiere isn’t as painful as the months-long gap between Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor, but we still feel the absence in our hearts every Monday night. Thankfully, “Alabama Hannah” Brown’s season is set to premiere on May 13, just in time for us to fully judge her 33 hopeful contestants. Hannah is getting to know them all as we speak — she may even be on a date right friggin’ now!

While Bachelor Nation patiently waits for the cast and crew to complete filming, we already have plenty of behind-the-scenes peeks, courtesy of producer Mike Fleiss and host Chris Harrison. In the looks ahead, you’ll see Hannah in her stunning first-night gown, chilling with an unidentified suitor in an empty theater, posing by a helicopter (natch), and roller skating with a guy who I’m 99 percent sure is 33-year-old Joe B. from Bethesda, MD.

We’ll be updating with more pictures as they roll in, but for now, enjoy these!

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