Cardi B – Press [Official Music Video]


Cardi B releases the provocative new video for “Press.”

Cardi B stages a mass murder scene, goes fully nude and makes out with another woman in her new music video for “Press.” If you haven’t yet been surprised by the female superstar, this is the one that will have you realizing that Cardi is all about shock value. Her personality is limitless and when it comes to the personal information she shares with her fans, she just can’t seem to ever hold back. Telling fans that she got plastic surgery a few months ago to get back into peak shape, the performer has been experiencing issues, showing her swollen feet to the world. It hasn’t stopped her from releasing new music though. She recently blessed us with “Press” and today, she’s unveiling the very NSFW video for it.

When you watch the clip, you’ll understand what I mean. It all starts out with a passionate scene showing the rapper making out with another woman before a man is introduced to the equation. Then, the music starts and we head to the courtroom, where Cardi conveniently smuggled her gun in. She mobs out in the nude for a while, bringing a crew of equally uncensored dancers before staging the very same murder scene she talks about in her bars.

Cardi B will always push boundaries. This is just the latest example. What do you think of “Press?”

Watch video below!

Source: Cardi B

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