Here’s why Fireboy is on a mission to sing solely Afropop that makes sense


An indigene of Ogun state, who was born Adedamola Adefolahan in the mid-90s, Fireboy DML says his decision to solely sing Afropop genre that makes sense all the time is to stand him apart and make him unique. 


Basically, I do Afropop. I started with Afropop and along the line, I realised that there are a lot of Afropop artists, A-list ones, big artists so if anyone wants to listen to Afropop, they will go for those ones, they have their choices. So I said, I have to have something that sets me apart, so I decided to do Afropop that makes sense most of the time and all the time,” said in an interview with Nigeria Info FM in 2018.

Music for Fireboy had always been innate but the thought of going professional and mainstream didn’t cross his mind till he got to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, where he had gotten admission to study the English Language.

The lanky singer synonymous with different colours of Durang narrates his journey into professional music saying, “The thing is I knew I could sing at a very young age but I did not know I had to go into it professionally until I was in school.”

My part one in the university was good but in my part two, I focused so much on music that it affected my education a bit but I knew I had to find a balance but I won’t lie, I gave my all to the music,” he told Sahara TV in 2019 interview.

Continuing the 23-year-old ‘Jealous’ singer who once said he never found his purpose for living until he found music says, “I went to school solely to study but along the line, I found my purpose while in Secondary school.

In another interview with Sahara TV, Fireboy said the hit song, was inspired by a similar experience.

‘Jealous’ introduced to the world but there is a story behind the hit song.

Jealous is not a heartbreak song, it’s not a love song. It’s a song about an experience I had with someone who is not even mine, I was getting possessive, obsessive and jealous. So, I just decided to write about it to relive the experience. I didn’t write it for anybody, in particular, it was just for the experience,” he said. 

Since gaining Olamide’s attention, Fireboy has patiently waited for his time until December 2018 when his hit song, ‘Jealous’ made the joint effort by music acts on YBNL tagged, ‘YBNL Mafia’.

He has since been riding on the success and working to keep up with the release of his second single on YBNL imprint, ‘What If I Say.’

The singer says his watchword is to always make good songs. “Hit or not, my next song has to be good. When I worked on jealousy, I didn’t make the song because I knew it will be a hit but I put my all in it to make a good song and that is the same energy I put in all my songs,” he told Sahara TV.

Olamide is not living any stone unturned in making a star out of Fireboy, who has dropped his second visuals and single on the imprint of YBNL.

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