Lala Swears By This $3 Eye Makeup Remover

Lala Swears By This $3 Eye Makeup Remover

We learn a lot from our mothers. Let’s be honest, many of our habits are a reflection of the women who raised us. From the way we talk to the way we walk, and even down to the way we care for our skin.

Even right now, there’s bound to be at least one beauty item in your arsenal that comes at the recommendation of your parent(s). Whether it’s the perfume you spritz on daily or the moisturizer you’ve been wearing for years, you cherish it.

For actress Lala, it’s Vaseline. When asked about the number of beauty products in her skincare regimen at Essence Festival earlier today, she said there’s only one.

“I’m probably like the one-step person. I need to get better,” Lala shared. “My mom believes that Vaseline is the cure for everything. My mom thinks Vaseline can literally cure every problem on earth. But it’s so true when it comes to taking off eye makeup, and mascara, Vaseline works like a charm.”

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If you’re in the market for a new eye makeup remover, then voila. Because Vaseline is made with pure petroleum, it may make residue from makeup easier to slide off. If you’re tired of playing the frantic rubbing game, then maybe you should consider Vaseline too.

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