Love Island Season 5 Is Coming to Hulu Soon


If you’re tying to figure out how to get even more of a Love Island fix right now, good news — the new season is set to make its Hulu debut on Saturday, June 22.

The British reality show on ITV is like if the Bachelor and Bachelorette were all stranded on a tropical island, so yeah, it is exactly like Bachelor in Paradise. But with more accents! The series is currently airing Season 5, but for those outside of the U.K.’s borders, it’s hard to watch or catch up. That’s all going to change in a few short weeks, as in response to a fan inquiry, Hulu revealed the first five episodes will be hitting the streaming service very soon. Following that, five more new episodes will be available on Hulu every Saturday until the season concludes.

Is Love Island on Netflix?

Whoever “wins” Love Island will receive a cash prize of £50,000 (roughly $63,440.00) and bragging rights that they won Love Island. The season started out with 16 contestants, but through much, much drama, Sherif Lanre was recently removed from the villa for breaking the rules. These are things you have to look forward to when you start your binge on Saturday, June 22! Season 4 lasted 49 episodes, so we might be in for one long ride.

Currently, the four prior seasons of Love Island are available on Hulu.

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