Mother of Dragons! This Gorgeous Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding Has Details Straight Out of the Series


Sonia Melendez is an extremely big fan of Game of Thrones and also a very talented photographer. So she decided to combine her two passions and put together this gorgeous Game of Thrones-themed wedding. You might be wondering what faraway land this photo shoot took place after seeing the breathtaking castle in the background, and the answer might surprise you: the shoot took place at Newman’s Castle in Bellville, TX.

“We couldn’t help but notice that a lot of [modern wedding] trends may have come from this series — the long sleeves, the organic dramatic florals, and even the braids!” said Sonia about the reason behind this idea. “Naturally, with the last season upon us in April we wanted to pay homage to one of the shows that has inspired a lot of us. All the little details came together so well we were very excited to be a part of this inspired day.”

There are so many intricate details in this shoot that are directly from the series, from the bride’s snowy blonde hair — taking a style cue from Daenerys Targaryen — to the epic dragon egg cake, which they aptly cut with a dagger. Make sure to look out for all the other references in these beautiful photos!

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