NdaniTV’s new web series – OGA! Pastor to be released this June

Pearl Okorie features on OGA! Pastor (Ndani TV)
Ini Dima features on OGA! Pastor (Ndani TV)

Set in the city of Lagos, the series follows the life of Deoye Gesinde, a young clergyman and founder of a fast growing Church, GGBC. Deoye struggles with balancing the needs of his family, the needs of the Church and his own personal needs.

The tough balancing act soon keeps him in bondage of people’s expectations and the high standards he has set for himself.

Uzor Arukwe features on OGA! Pastor (Ndani TV)

Written by Lani Aisida and shot in the heart of Lagos, Oga! Pastor is an original NdaniTV production and is powered by GTBank.

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