YBN Almighty Jay “New Drip” feat Gucci Mane & YBN Nahmir (Official Music Video)


YBN Almighty Jay dropped off his Gucci Mane x YBN Nahmir collaboration “New Drip” back in September of 2018 and if you were down for it then, then we assume you’ll be down for it now since the official video has arrived. The trio link up at a Miami mansion with a crew of bikini babes as they flex for the camera and show off some of their drip. 

The whole clip has water and literal drip illustrations for some added effects, making the video a little more appealing. Another part of the video shows Almighty Jay showing off his Rap-A-Lot chain, the same one that was stolen from him when he was jumped and left with a gash in his face that required 300 stitches. 

“I ain’t gon’ lie I was laughing about it,” he said about the aftermath of the attack“It’s like what do we do? We don’t do nothing and we act weak and like, ‘you took an L, you got your ass beat.’ Or, I’m like fuck it this how I get paid,” he continued. “I’m about to drop a song with the stitches in my face because everybody want to see them. I made the choice to shoot the video. That wasn’t my manager — nothing. It’s not like I was crying about it.”

Watch video below!

Source: YBN

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